Is it free? Why still need to register?

Yes, it is free now. And registration helps to trace software utilization.


Where can I get support?

Send an e-mail to support@softeasier.com for your enquiry.


Which formats are supported? Will it support other audio formats in the future?

Now MP3 and PCM wav formats are supported. For other formats' support, it depends acceptance of the software as lots of effort involved.


Why some MP3 music files don't segment well ?

This is because music file has background sound. Auto segmentation analysis is based on silence. But users still can manually add segmentation marks.


Why setup program didn't continue after installation of .net framework?

Please run setup program again.


How to manually add a break mark?

After an audio file is loaded, you can right click the mark bar with mouse. If you right click a green mark, the mark will be removed. If you right click an empty space, a mark will be added. [image]


Known Issue


Some wav file doesn't segment well

Wav file format has many variations. Two frequently codec formats are PCM and GSM. PCM is no compress, high quality and consuming more disk space while GSM is high compress, not very good quality and consuming less disk space. Only PCM codec is supported.


For press inquiries, suggestion and more information, please contact us by sending support@softeasier.com email.